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Heroes vs Hordes - Official Web Shop

Play as a legendary hero, equip the best weapons, and defeat hordes of vampires, orcs, skeletons and many more!

The official Web Shop of Heroes vs. Hordes!

VIP Bonus Points

Increase your VIP Level!

With each Web Shop purchase, you will receive 10% more VIP Points for the VIP Privilege compared to in-game purchases!

(Around 550 per each $ / € spend)


Gem Packs Discount

Daily Gems Delivery

Gifts from the HvH team


You can find the most burning questions below. If you still have questions, please use the support function in the game.

What payment methods are accepted?


We provide access to loads of different payment method. Rest assured, there's a payment option that will perfectly align with your preferences and needs!

Will there be more stuff there in the future?


Indeed, a true hero never rests, and neither does our team! We're continually hard at work, dedicated to bringing you exciting new updates and a wealth of fresh items to enhance your experience!

Why should I buy the items in the Web Shop and not in-game?


By purchasing through the Web Shop we are avoiding a big part of the fees we usually have to pay to the marketplaces. We're excited to pass cost savings on to our players, ensuring that each purchase provides you with even greater value!

Furthermore, exclusively through our Web Shop, we're pleased to offer special deals and packages that you won't find anywhere else. Take advantage of these unique offers and get the most out of your purchases!

Where can I find my ID?


Open the settings in the game, scroll down and simply press the "Copy Web Shop ID" Button. Ta-Da!